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IML's Top Ten Guiding Principles
(Concepts We Stress)

To be scanned first - in conjunction with Compete Skills

  1. Continual abandonment. Organizations today must be prepared,  continuously, to abandon virtually everything they are doing. IML Insight

  2. Taking control. In a strategic sense, while top management often feels more than challenged, it is essential for top management to take control of the challenging process itself.  IML Insight

  3. Non-traditional resources. To effectively challenge themselves top management needs to regularly organize, and reorganize, the non-traditional intellectual resources both inside and outside the company. IML Insight

  4. Teams. The use of teams - strategic challenge teams - is essential.  IML Insight

  5. Upward Communication. Downward strategic communication will not work .Establishing upward communications first is a must. IML Insight Peter Drucker Insight

  6. Outward focus. Organizational thought must be focused outside the company.  IML Insight  

  7. Forces and Trends.   Equally important as better serving customers is the ability to anticipate the forces and trends which will impact upon your ability to compete. IML Insight

  8. Organizing for the Customer.  If getting your employees to lead the way in delivering breakthrough performance to your customers is high on your agenda, reading Flight of the Buffalo is your next action item.

     IML Insight

  9. Opportunity focus. "Starve the problems and feed the opportunities"

    IML Insight

  10. Replicate successes. Discipline organizational thought to better identify, crystallize, prioritize, and then replicate your successes.  IML Insight

Top 10 Change-To-Compete-Better Skills

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