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 Top Ten Change-to-Compete-Better Capabilities/Skills
(Processes and Goals We Help our Clients Implement)

To be read in conjunction with IML Principles

  1. Vision, Not Mission, the Key. Important to distinguish between the two, but it is a continually evolving vision that will power your firm.   IML Insight

  2. Commitment to New Processes.  An irrepressible commitment to continually get better answers to the question, How do we need to change the way we are doing business to compete more effectively? IML Insight

  3. Separate, Year-around.   A year-around identified process - separate from operating processes - to address the compete-better question, top-to-bottom, in your organization. IML Insight

  4. Deeper Involvement. Move the task of grappling with the compete-better question beyond top management to include the entire company. IML Insight

  5. Re-examine process. A commitment to ask outside-the-box questions and to regularly rethink and re-examine the very  process by which you ask them.  IML Insight

  6. Goal - To Accelerate Decisions.   A process with the end goal of accelerating the making of the most important change-to-compete-better decisions.  IML Insight

  7. 50% on Forces. A process which focuses outward and allocates at least as much time on the forces and trends which may impact your company as it does time spent focusing on customers. IML Insight

  8. Non-customer Focus. On the customer side, organizing a process which spends at least as much time gathering intelligence from your noncustomers as it does your customers. IML Insight

  9. Customer Performance Measurement. Building a culture and a system by which you can measure, for each individual employee, the degree to which you are delivering breakthrough performance to your customers. IML Insight

  10. Strategy Revolutionaries. The ability and commitment to seek out, and organize,  the best and brightest strategy revolutionaries both outside and inside (but other than top management) your company. IML Insight

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